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Understanding the Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

A Vital Component of Dental Health Care

At Alex Mercado DDS, situated at 1315 Alhambra Blvd. Suite 220, Sacramento, CA, Dr. Alex Mercano emphasizes the critical importance of regular oral cancer screenings as a cornerstone of comprehensive oral health care. This blog aims to shed light on the significance of these screenings in early detection and the fight against oral cancer.

The Imperative of Regular Screenings

Oral cancer, encompassing malignancies in the mouth, lips, throat, and surrounding areas, can be life-altering if not detected and treated promptly. The American Cancer Society underscores the value of early detection in improving treatment outcomes. At Alex Mercado DDS, we incorporate oral cancer screenings into routine dental check-ups, ensuring thorough examination and peace of mind for our patients.

What to Expect During Screening

Oral cancer screenings at our practice are quick, non-invasive, and essential. Dr. Mercano meticulously examines the oral cavity for signs of abnormal tissue, ulcers, or other indicative symptoms of cancer. Patients are educated about the process, which is integral in catching potential issues before they escalate into severe health challenges.

Risk Factors and Prevention

Lifestyle choices, such as tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption, significantly heighten the risk of developing oral cancer. We discuss these risk factors with our patients, offering advice on how to reduce their impact. Regular screenings are recommended for everyone, regardless of lifestyle, as part of a proactive approach to oral health, echoing the guidelines from the Oral Cancer Foundation.

Prioritizing Your Oral Health

Dr. Alex Mercano is dedicated to not only treating oral health issues but also preventing them. We advocate for regular oral cancer screenings as a preventive measure to safeguard your health and well-being.

To schedule your oral cancer screening or to learn more about our preventative care services, contact Alex Mercado DDS at (916) 448-5458 or visit our practice. Empower yourself with knowledge and take a proactive step in maintaining your health. Learn more about our comprehensive dental services by visiting Alex Mercado DDS.

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