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Excessive or uneven gums can impact the harmony of your smile, affecting your confidence and overall oral health. At Alex J. Mercado DDS, situated in Sacramento, CA, we specialize in delivering precise and tailored treatments to correct gum irregularities, ensuring a balanced and radiant smile for every patient.

Understanding Excessive or Uneven Gums:

Excessive or uneven gums, also known as gingival hypertrophy or gum overgrowth, can occur due to genetics, certain medications, or underlying health conditions. This condition can make teeth appear short and lead to difficulties in maintaining oral hygiene.

Personalized Gum Contouring Services:

Dr. Alex Mercado and the team at Alex J. Mercado DDS, located at 1315 Alhambra Blvd. Suite 220 in Sacramento, provide personalized gum contouring services designed to reshape and improve the gum line. We utilize advanced techniques and equipment to ensure precise, effective, and minimally invasive treatment.

Benefits of Correcting Gum Irregularities:

Addressing excessive or uneven gums can significantly improve the aesthetic balance of your smile, enhance your self-esteem, and facilitate better oral hygiene. A well-contoured gum line can also make teeth appear longer and more proportionate, contributing to a more appealing smile.

Our Approach:

Our comprehensive approach focuses on understanding individual needs and delivering solutions that align with each patient’s unique dental anatomy and aesthetic preferences. We are committed to creating a comfortable and reassuring environment where patients can receive the highest standard of care and achieve optimal results.

External Links:

For more information about gum health and treatments, the American Academy of Periodontology offers a wealth of knowledge and resources. Additionally, consider exploring The Sacramento District Dental Society for local dental news and updates in the Sacramento area.

Schedule Your Appointment:

If you are experiencing concerns with excessive or uneven gums and are seeking professional intervention, contact Alex J. Mercado DDS at (916) 448-5458 to schedule a consultation. Let us assist you in achieving a harmonious gum line and a dazzling smile.

Excessive or uneven gums can be a source of discomfort and self-consciousness, but with the right professional care, a balanced and attractive smile is attainable. At Alex J. Mercado DDS, we are passionate about empowering our patients by providing outstanding gum contouring services in Sacramento, CA, to transform smiles and lives.

Revitalize your smile with us! Call Alex J. Mercado DDS at (916) 448-5458 or visit our practice at 1315 Alhambra Blvd. Suite 220, Sacramento, CA, to explore your treatment options and start your journey towards a more symmetrical and confident smile!

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