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Nightguards and Mouthgaurds

Welcome to SacSmiles, your trusted Sacramento dentist, offering effective solutions for bruxism and teeth grinding. If you frequently wake up with jaw pain or headaches, it’s likely that you are unknowingly clenching or grinding your teeth during sleep. This condition, known as bruxism, can have damaging effects on your dental health. Fortunately, our experienced team, led by Dr. Mercado, is here to provide the necessary treatments to address your needs.

Bruxism is a common problem that often goes unnoticed because it occurs during sleep. However, if left untreated, it can result in broken, cracked, or even lost teeth. It’s essential to recognize the signs and seek professional help to protect your smile.

Dr. Mercado and our dedicated team at SacSmiles are well-equipped to assist patients with various degrees of bruxism. We offer a range of customized appliances designed specifically for patients with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and other related conditions. These appliances are tailored to meet your unique needs and provide relief from the symptoms associated with bruxism.

By addressing bruxism promptly, we can help alleviate jaw pain, headaches, and other discomforts caused by teeth grinding. Our goal is to preserve your natural teeth and prevent further damage, ensuring your long-term dental health and well-being.

Don’t let bruxism go untreated. Contact SacSmiles today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mercado and his skilled team. We are committed to providing personalized care and effective solutions for all types of bruxism patients. Take the first step towards a pain-free and healthy smile by choosing SacSmiles as your partner in dental care.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bruxism

Many people do not even know that they grind their teeth, as it often occurs when one is sleeping. If not corrected, bruxism can lead to broken teeth, cracked teeth, or even tooth loss.

Luckily the treatment for bruxism is simple. A nightguard is the easiest way to prevent damage from long term grinding. The custom-made device fits either your top or bottom teeth to prevent direct contact when you bite down.   

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