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Tooth-Colored Cosmetic Dental Fillings

At SacSmiles, under the diligent care of Dr. Mercado, we provide comprehensive dental solutions to help maintain the health of your teeth. Cavities, which are permanently damaged sections of your tooth’s hard surface (enamel) that evolve into tiny openings or holes, are a common issue we tackle. These are primarily caused by factors such as oral bacteria, regular snacking, consumption of sugary or acidic drinks, among others.

When we identify a cavity, our first priority is to remove it, which requires dealing with the affected tooth structure. This often involves a filling procedure, designed to safeguard the tooth from additional damage and alleviate any sensitivity that might arise from the cavity.

In keeping with Dr. Mercado’s commitment to provide the best dental care, we utilize fillings that are not only resilient but also aesthetically pleasing. These fillings are designed to blend with the color of your teeth, rendering them almost unnoticeable.

Given our dedication to optimal patient care and embracing the latest advancements in dental technology, we emphatically suggest using bonded fillings. This approach is preferred over traditional mercury amalgam fillings, which have raised considerable health concerns due to their toxicity. With SacSmiles and Dr. Mercado, you can trust you’re receiving state-of-the-art, safe, and effective dental care.

Are metal amalgam fillings problematic?

Aside from being extremely noticeable and unsightly, amalgam fillings can cause more harm to your health. They often contain mercury or other heavy metals that can affect your health. Another issue with these fillings is that they do not bend when pressure is applied to the tooth, and this causes more cracks in the teeth. Therefore, we recommend if you have amalgam filling to replace them.

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